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Come experience the methodical, personal, creative instruction for which Gail is renowned, all from the comfort of your own sewing space. Vanquish the scourge of UFO’s (unfinished outfits) and reunite with the precious feeling of sewing a project to completion. With Gail as your guide, success is your destination.

A Trio of Refined Bishops

Finally, a bishop dress design that solves for pattern fabric matching! A Trio of Refined Bishops offers three unique bishop dress designs, each accompanied by video lessons, written instructions, and additional customization options. Ensure flawless pattern match through the pleated and smocked area every time, whether you’re sewing with tartans, checks, or dotted Swiss.

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Eton Suit

As featured on the cover of Classic Sewing Magazine, and modeled by my adorable grand nephew, Eton Suite is a refined three-piece ensemble featuring a jacket, short pants, and long-sleeve shirt.

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English Duffle Coat (Unisex)

Introducing Gail Doane's English Duffle Coat (Unisex). A timeless Paddington-Bear-Style coat available in sizes 2-12 that will help you master skills like creating a toggle closure and top-stitching on bulky fabrics. Seamlessly blending timeless style and practical hands-on instruction, this coat is more than a project; it's a generational keepsake.

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Smocking 101

40 Years of Gail's personal smocking experience distilled down to one organized learning pathway.

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Construction 101

Transform the dreaded construction process into something you actually look forward to! Gail's Ultimate Searchable Index of Garment Construction Techniques

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Traditional Wool Coat

From the cover of Classic Sewing Magazine's holiday 2021 issue, we're pleased to bring you over 8 hours of video instruction guiding you through the process of  making Gail's Traditional Wool Coat.

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Heirloom Embroidery 101

Come learn the 24 hand embroidery stitches and techniques that have become Gail Doane’s go to’s for elevating the finish of her sewing projects!

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Traditional Smocked Yoke Dress

Traditional Smocked Yoke Dress offers much more than just a pattern and instructions for making a smocked dress. The dress pattern for this course includes, 3 sleeve variations, 2 yoke variations, 2 collar variations, 5 smocking plates and is available in 8 sizes. 

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Pinpoint Oxford Shaped Yoke Dress

A brand new Gail Doane Originals dress design featuring the chance to learn block method collar construction, and a unique technique for shaping Swiss edging.

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Embroidered Piqué Jacket & Floral Lawn Dress

A contemporary springtime ensemble. This course comes with 7 hours of video instruction, step-by-step written instructions and digital patterns in 5 different sizes. 

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Back-Button Bishop

Gail Doane's unique take on a timeless classic bishop dress.

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Stripe Swiss Voile Counterchange Dress

Presenting Gail Doane's Stripe Swiss Voile Counterchange Dress - as featured in classic sewing magazine.

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An elegant dress whose classic style has withstood the test of time. Eloise comes with nearly 4 hours of video instruction, step-by-step written instructions and digital patterns in 6 different sizes. This dress is one of Gail's all-time favorite original designs.

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French Hand Sewing by Machine

Skill Building Seminar

This fast-paced class covers all the basics to understand French Hand Sewing by Machine. French and Swiss laces, entredeux, pintucks, puffing, simple lace shaping and more.

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Heirloom Christening Gown

A hand-made garment passed generation to generation to bring love, connection, and tradition to family celebrations

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