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Online Education in Heirloom Sewing, Smocking, and Embroidery

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As featured on the covers of:

“Gail Doane is an internationally recognized expert in sewing technique and design. It’s the tiny details of sewing that are her recognizable signature style.”

-Classic Sewing Magazine

Goodbye Unfinished Projects
Hello Sense of Accomplishment

Increase Your Skills

Become a master of the fundamental skills in Heirloom Sewing like smocking, embroidery, construction, and french hand sewing by machine.

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Sew Beautiful Garments

Follow step-by-step instruction as Gail guides you through the process of sewing a garment your loved ones will treasure for years.

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We Reinvented Sewing Class

Here's what you can expect:

A Front Row Seat

Unlike in-person classes with 20+ students crowded around a single machine, online sewing classes offer every student a front row seat. Gail's digital sewing studio features 4 close-up camera angles so you never miss a stitch.

Unmatched Convenience

Leave the time, headache, and expense of travel behind and work from the comfort of your own sewing room. Available at any time and on any device online sewing classes accommodate every schedule and lifestyle.

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An interactive sewing community where you can share your sewing successes, or ask questions when you are stumped.


YouTube Channel

Watch short tutorials and sewing experiments recorded from my little sewing room.


Instagram Page

See the garments I'm currently sewing and techniques I'm working with as I prepare new classes.


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