Beginner French Hand Sewing by Machine

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Seminar Topic: French Hand Sewing by Machine

Explore this elegant stitching technique that replicates the exquisite detail of hand-made christening gowns and baptismal gowns from over 100 years ago.

Learn to work with many different fine materials:

  • Imported French lace
  • Imported Swiss laces
  • Swiss batiste
  • Imported Swiss cotton.

This stitching technique will give you the unique skill needed to make one of a kind garments that will be treasured for years.

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Gail responds to the 300+ questions submitted during the Skill-Building Seminar live event

Although it was impossible to reply to the hundreds of questions submitted during the live presentation of this training, Gail wanted to ensure no stone was left unturned on this topic. So she filmed an additional 3+ hour training video featuring detailed answers to all the important questions from the live event. Purchase today, on this page, and we'll include the bonus video at no additional cost

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Learn Everything You Need To Know To Embellish Your Projects with Elegant French Hand Sewing Techniques

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Meet Your Instructor: Gail Doane

In the words of Classic Sewing Magazine: "Gail Doane is an internationally recognized expert in sewing technique and design, as well as a featured designer in Classic Sewing magazine. It’s the tiny details of sewing that are her recognizable signature style."

In her own words: Gail is "an heirloom sewing addict who is detail-oriented, but prepared to break the rules."

Gail brings to the classroom over 40 years of experience, having dressed seven children, and now an ever-expanding number of grandchildren, in beautiful heirloom clothing. Her work first appeared in Australian Smocking & Embroidery in 2000 and Inspirations in 2008.

Gail's Sewing Has Been Featured In Top-Tier Publications Across the Globe

Sewing class reinvented for the online age


The Highest-Quality Instruction

  • Watch Gail's masterfully experienced hands as they reveal every subtlety and nuance needed for perfect stitch
  • Enjoy multiple camera angles including super-close up shots of Gail's sewing table and machine

The Most Convenient Experience

  • Leave the time, headache, and expense of travel behind and refine your skills from the comfort of your own sewing room
  • Retain access to this course for life, and reference back to it as often as you need so you can finish more projects
  • Stream Gail's sewing instruction onto the device of your preference making it easy to sew wherever you want

Sewing Class The Old Way

Travel to attend an in-person class held at a conference

What You Experience:
  • 20+ students crowded around a single sewing machine or table without a clear view
  • Stress between trying to record audio/video of the class or furiously taking notes so you can retain what your learn
  • Pack your sewing machine and lug it through airports and hotels to use it in class
  • Instructor barraged by Chatty Pattys asking personal sewing questions and using up precious class time
What you pay:
  • Flights $300
  • Hotel $200
  • Rental Car $150
  • Food $50
  • Registration $150
  • Total Cost $850

Sewing Class The New Way

Attend class from the convenience of your own sewing room

What You Experience:
  • High-quality, close-up camera shots from multiple angles with no obstruction
  • Convenient, recorded, videos you can review as many times as you need to get your sewing right
  • The familiarity of your own sewing room and the convenience of all of your at-home supplies
  • A constant flow of valuable information without interruptions or distractions 
What you pay:
  • Flights $0
  • Hotel $0
  • Rental Car $0
  • Food $0
  • Registration $84
  • Total Cost $84

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Previous Attendees are Raving About Their Experience in This Class...

“Worth every penny"

"Gail is Perfection Personified"

"I'll be signing up for the next [one]"

“This was having a front row seat!"

"Outstanding, so informative!"

"Money very well spent"

This Course is the Ultimate Guide to 
French Hand Sewing by Machine


This content-packed course covers 18 different French Hand Sewing by Machine techniques

  1. Lace to Lace
  2.  Lace to Entredeux
  3. Entredeux to Fabric
  4. Entredeux to Gathered Fabric
  5. Lace Edging to Fabric
  6. Tatting to Fabric
  7. Entredeux to Gathered Fabric
  8. Insertion Lace Lock
  9. French Seams
  10. Piping
  11. Pintucks
  12. Puffing Strips
  13. Mitering Lace Insertion Around a Corner or a Point
  14. Mitering Entredeux Around a Corner or a Point
  15. Mitering Lace Edging Around a Corner or a Point
  16. Lace Shaping/Simple Scallop
  17. Mock Roll Hem by Hand
  18. Ribbon Roses

We Surveyed Over 150 of Gail's Past Sewing Students

Here's how they rated their online sewing experience:
  • Average rating for skill improvement: 
    4.77 out of 5  ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
  • Average rating for online format:
    4.93 out of 5  ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
  • Average rating for overall experience:
    4.99 out of 5 ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
  • Willingness to recommend to a friend:
    4.96 out of 5  ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

Important Questions and Answers About This Online Course

The Heirloom Sewing Horror Story...

A search and rescue mission for confidence

One of the relentless challenges of heirloom sewing is feeling confident in enough different skills to complete a beautiful garment. Without confidence in each specific skill, you second-guess yourself over and over, barely moving forward, until you wake up one day and you’re sitting in your sewing room, staring at a closet of half-finished outfits racking your brain to remember what the satisfaction of completing a project feels like.

That doesn't have to be you!

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